Hi, welcome to my personal website. I am a computer scientist with research interests in computational geometry, path planning, and computer graphics.

I am currently a Research Associate at the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University, United Kingdom, as a member of the Non-Manifold Topology team since 2016. We are using the concept of non-manifold topology to enhance the representation of architectural space in 3D modelling applications, and perform four use case scenarios in Energy Analysis, Structural Analysis, Spatial Reasoning, and Fabrication Planning.

From 2013–2016, I was a Project Officer at Multi-plAtform Game Innovation Centre (MAGIC), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, primarily working with Vivian Chen Hsueh Hua. Our team developed mobile and social computer games to raise empathy towards disadvantaged minority groups, including foreign migrants and elderly people in Singapore.

I received my PhD in 2016 from the School of Computer of Science and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, under the supervision of Henry Johan and Seah Hock Soon. My PhD research focused on the geometric and topological analyses of very large virtual environments for path planning in computer graphics applications. Prior to that, I graduated with a Sarjana Teknik degree (BEng equivalent) from the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 2007.

Nicholas Mario Wardhana, PhD
Welsh School of Architecture
Cardiff University
T.15, Bute Building
King Edward VII Avenue
Cardiff, CF10 3NB
United Kingdom

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